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Retail Discussion Center Goes On-Line

RUTHERFORD, N.J.--Retailers looking to expand their businesses by meeting other retailers and exchanging contacts, ideas and resources may want to tap into the E-Tailer's Digest ( ), a free, moderated discussion list and resource center.

Retailers will find discussions about general retail issues, as well as those examining marketing and operation on the Internet. Some sample topics include, psychographics, interaction with customers, point-of-sale software solutions, point-of-purchase displays, security issues, effective merchandising and open-to-buy, promotions and advertising, on-line marketing, differentiation, doing business internationally and effective Web site design.

The E-Tailer's Digest also will include tips and pointers to articles and information. The E-Tailer's Digest is a joint publication of Webbers Communication ( ) and Gap Enterprises Ltd. ( ) and is published in a moderated digest form every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

To subscribe to the E-Tailer's Digest, send e-mail to etd(at)   and write "Subscribe" as the subject.

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