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"Direct Costing and T&E"
Joe Dweck

25 November 2003

We are in the process of assigning similar costs to our travel and entertainment expenses. We do a lot of business entertaining to promote our pharmacies. The costs go to the G/L as T&E or Advertising and the vendor will be American Express or a caterer, however we really needed to assign these costs to the offices that we entertained, and then compare the sales from those offices with the associated expenses.

I called my accounting software firm, just 2 days ago, to utilize a "project" feature or an "extended database" feature of the A/P G/L package that will track these expenses as they are applied upon invoice entry.

In a former company we also utilized 'statistical accounts' to track similar types of expenses; i.e., ones that already hit the G/L in one category, but must be tracked for other informational purposes. These statistical accounts are for information tracking only and are not financial accounts that would require balancing etc.

This is to show as an example that is not manufacturing the need for such "Direct Costing."
Joe Dweck

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