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Use these resources to help you succeed at retailing
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Resources Contents

Interim Help 
If your business has annual sales of $5 million or more, and need help growing or reorganizing your business let us help. We get in the trenches and GET THE JOB DONE! Our highly-qualified, results-oriented professionals have expertise in strategic planning, global business development, marketing, sales, operations, finance/accounting and information systems. Our major strength is the ability to analyze a situation and develop a simple, cost-effective solution guaranteed to produce RESULTS!

GAP Enterprises, LLC 
A professional firm of marketing and management Solutionists™ whose charter is to provide unique and innovative marketing and information solutions to retailers.  Our expertise in the "real world" retailing and on-line marketing will provide you with direction, common sense advice and "hands on" guidance in programs designed to optimize your strategic direction.

Sophisticated Me 
Offering excellent beauty products for women, featuring Youngblood Cosmetics, designed for women of all ages and skin conditions.  Tour our line of products to learn more about how we can help you. See the before/after case studies of women just like you. Check out the helpful tips when using our products. Click here to order.

Youngblood USA 
Order your Youngblood Cosmetics here,  designed for women of all ages and skin conditions.  Buy now here Tour our line of products to learn more about how we can help you. See the before/after case studies of women just like you. Check out the helpful tips when using our products. Click here to order.

Youngblood Worldwide 
Order your Youngblood Cosmetics anywhere in the world right here.  Designed for women of all ages and skin conditions.  Buy now here Tour our line of products to learn more about how we can help you. See the before/after case studies of women just like you. Check out the helpful tips when using our products. Click here to order.

Webbers Communication
A website design and marketing firm that leads the visitor to the point of the site, whether that point be pure information, or the direct, online sale of products or services. Whether you need a redesign of an existing website or you need yours built from scratch, Webbers Communications can do the job.

Indian River Fruit Company
We Ship the Worlds Best Gift Fruit Fresh oranges, grapefruit and tangerine gifts You can give no finer gift than a gift of  Indian River Fruit- our family guarantees it!  Be sure to see this weeks Special !  ABSOLUTE GUARANTEE OF SATISFACTION We unconditionally guarantee all shipments.  All you need to do is give us the correct address.

Coastal Tool & Supply
One of the Internet's largest Power and Hand Tool Stores.  All major brands offered at low discount prices! Same day shipping anywhere in the world. FREE GIFT PACK Every ETD-EMD order receives a free gift pack which includes  Heavy Duty Utility Knife - Carpenters Nail Apron - Carpenters Pencil

* Free Advice from the Tool Doctor (Yahoo Top 50 Useful Site)
* Factory Service Center Finder/Locator
* Monthly Newsletter (Membership is 10,000 strong)
248 Sisson Ave Hartford, CT 06105 Toll free 877-551-8665 sales(at)coastaltool.com

American Computer Solutions
An Infocorp Business Partner. Effective computer solutions for specialized retailers including Gifts & Decorative Accessories, Home Furnishings, Jewelry, Apparel & Shoes, Sporting Goods, Western Wear and Boots  We "speak the retail language." Jerry Grooms, American Computer Solutions  Roswell, GA 30076 Tel: (770) 992-8898 Fax: (770) 992-4485 jg.acs(at)cwix.com

JRC&A Consultants
Specializing in Branding Strategy, and New Product Development Established in 1985  Marketing Experience in 40 Countries  The web site "that gives away too much" as   a competitor once said.  Contact: Jacques Chevron, Partner jchevron(at)ais.net

NetCall800 - Now You're Talking!
With NetCall800 your customers can call your company directly from your website - or even from an email! Real-time, personal one-to-one communication using ordinary telephones - standard or mobile. With NetCall800 it's as easy as 1-2-3! Click... Call.... Connect.... Seeing is believing! Please visit our site http://www.netcall800.com and in just 3 mouse-clicks we'll show and tell you all about NetCall800.  **SPECIAL OFFER** for EMD/ETD readers-
Try NetCall800 FREE for 3 months - all you pay are the call charges  (18c per minute US-US). Click this link online to CALL US NOW http://someone.netcallplc.com/EMD_ETD_FREE_TRIAL/109 or email us at emdetd.freetrial(at)netcallusa.com

S.E. Report
Want to get the most hits per web page for your clients? What keywords are you using in your meta tags? What phrases are you using in your headers? Are your pages answering your customer's questions? If you don't use the right words and phrases, you will be ignored.   We can show you what people are asking for, the key words and phrases thousands of people are using to search for products like yours.

BestBuys Just4u
At  BestBuys Just4u  you can lose yourself and just browse the stores, find some entertainment while others shop, stop and talk with other shoppers, check out all the novelty items that you're not likely to see elsewhere, or quickly search for exactly what you want.  Stop by our community get the latest news, cartoons, Net-TV shows, send a postcard, stock quotes, book a plane trip, take care of any travel needs you may have, check out the finance center, play some games and much more.  Visit our BestBuys.com ClubHouse or Enjoy our many different stores at: http://bestbuys.com/departments.htm

The funniest cookbook you can own for $10! Now ready for the holidays an international cookbook, with recipes like Polish Bobka, Mexican Serviche, Korean Negimaki, German Stroganoff, Mondle Bread and Baked Alaska (well Alaska is far from New Jersey ;-}). You'll love the stories like California Island Chicken (with that fault out there, it will soon be an island). But, the book is worth it for one recipe only -- Phyllis' Cheesecake -- to die for! Not for those PD's (permanent dieters). Contact Phyllis Matyjewicz  http://www.gapent.com/cookbook/

Roving Software, Inc. Keep Your Customers Coming Back to Your Online Store! Get Constant Contact: FREE, a set of free services immediately available on your site without programming, redesign or software installation. Register at http://www.constantcontact.com to add powerful relationship building services like:"Gift Reminder", "Email This Page to a Friend", "My Store Favorites" and "Keep Me Posted.   Remember, 53% of e-commerce revenue is repeat buying. Your share is just a few clicks away, and it's free!

Amydoodles offers one stop shopping for all your gift giving needs for ages 0-100. Whether you need corporate, baby, housewarming,, favors, birthday or a thank you gift, Amydoodles will work with your budget and theme and help you find something that is truly unique.

Visit Amydoodles on the web at http://www.amydoodles.com or amy(at)amydoodles.com or even give a call, toll free(visit the home page for the number, please) Mention this ad and receive a special discount.

AssociatePrograms.com -- Associate Programs Directory A directory of affiliate, partner, reseller, commission, bounty, referral or associate programs, also known as revenue-sharing plans. Hundreds of programs by subject and A-Z. Allan Gardyne

"CyberSolutioning (tm)" Effective Web Design and Marketing Program Designed to produce results using "words that sell" Using our copyrighted 8-page, standard fact-gathering form we obtain information about your business, your goals and objectives. Includes our copyrighted 8-point marketing program designed to increase visibility of your business. Visit CyberSolutioning (tm) and tell us your needs and we will provide a free proposal.

BizWeb2000.com LOOKING FOR HITS? Have you visited this site yet?... http://www.bizweb2000.com  Owner and webmaster Jim Daniels explains exactly how he has grown a thriving internet business on a shoestring budget. Learn how you can do the same by reading his articles, tips and his book, Insider Internet Marketing.

GAMMA s.r.l. Vending machines for AUTOMATIC RENTAL/SALE of videotapes, DVDs, CDs, games From ITALY - the country that is LEADING THE WORLD in this healthy and proven business from GAMMA - a LEADER in the country to WHEREVER you are! Inquiries are specially welcome from Central/Western USA, Canada, South America, Asia, Australia The Mediabank system from Gamma will provide you with a serious business with GREAT EXPANSION POSSIBILITIES VISIT: http://mediabank.it ASK: gamma(at)mediabank.it

TOP7BUSINESS: Join the Top7Business List. It's a daily broadcast of 7 tips, tricks, secrets, suggestions, relating to helping you build and grow your business. For a free subscription: join-top7business(at)sparklist.com or surf and search the Top7Business Archives

Automated Press Releases. Kick off the Holiday season. Reach 400 media contacts for $50! Send your message to 10,000+ media contacts in 256 subject areas in 37 countries! The largest and most cost-effective PR service on the Net. Since 1976. On the Net since 1996.

Marketing Your Web (MYWEB). An 8-point, cost-effective marketing program designed to gain maximum exposure and qualified traffic to your site. Free Evaluation. Complete the form with your requirements at... http://www.gapent.com/myweb/

Gifts & Decorative Accessories magazine. The industry leader for more than 82 years. Readers are independent retailers of gifts, home decorative accessories, and stationery. Each monthly issue covers a range of new product introductions and how-to information, from visual merchandising tips to small business financial management assistance, and of course George Matyjewicz's E-Tailer's Digest column Annual subscriptions, which include 12 issues plus a Buyers Directory, are $42, and can be obtained by calling (800) 309-3332. To advertise in Gifts & Dec, call publisher Lawrence Rotondi at (212) 519-7360.

SmoothSale is a new online selling solution that gives your customers the kind of interactive experience they'd have in a real store. With our revolutionary tool, you can talk to customers about products, negotiate and close sales - and keep buyers coming back. When customers come to your site, a badge shows that you're online. By clicking on the badge, they can talk with you in a familiar instant messaging-type interface. While you chat, you can build their shopping cart and push the completed package to them for immediate approval - all within the same application. It's simple, personal, and effective. SmoothSale is bringing the art of salesmanship to the business of ecommerce. To learn more about SmoothSale, click here and check out our demo.

My Affiliate Program by KowaBunga! Technologies. Never prepay for advertising again! In the last 8 Months, our 500+ clients have realized $6,700,000 in SALES just by adding an Affiliate Program to their websites. Don't you think it's time you put the power of Affiliate Marketing to work for your business? Send a Blank Email for Instant Info: mailto:myaffiliateprogram.10398(at)optinpro.com Call us toll free at 877-228-9827 ext 10398

If you have wanted to get an independent consultant's view of your business practices, but were certain you couldn't afford it, you may want to think again. Marketing Practice Consultants has worked with clients from Fortune 500 companies to very small startups. We have found that the key to satisfying our clients is to provide value. Value is easy to define: Did you get your money's worth? Marketing Practice Consultants provides real expertise. Whether you need strategic marketing assistance, marketing management and sales management consulting, we've been there and done that, and can show you how to improve your business practices. And we are effective from Day One. Marketing Practice Consultants 


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