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Patty Sachs, Owner

InstantPhotoFrames.com offers hard-to-find frames for instant digital or Polaroid photos, especially those used for favors, prizes or give-aways at events and promotions.  We specialize in searches for the right frame for the client's needs. We also have other photo products such as magnets, buttons, pennants, clocks, desk top items and now bobble heads!

You can create attractive and added-value items to enhance photos used for promotional or gift purposes. A quick and inexpensive instant photo becomes a decorative keepsake piece with the addition of a complementary frame.

We have the best/biggest selection at wholesale/best pricing with exceptional customer service. Small, rush and hard-to-coordinate orders are handled personally to a successful result. If we do not have what the customer wants, we go overboard to help them find it...even if we send them to one of the very few competitors.

After serving as Celebrations Expert for Polaroid and teaching hundreds of people how to use instant photos to enhance special events, I realized that it was difficult to find the right supplies to accomplish many of these strategies.  I search, studied and explored for months before I found the suppliers and then decided to share my findings with others, while make profits and commissions.

We have been in business on a free-lance non-profit level for several years and on a profitable basis since October of 2003.

We started to market on the Internet only but now have expanded our marketing into promotional efforts through speaking, media interviews, magazine and newspaper publicity efforts. I write articles that appear with party tips and ideas for instant photo frame use.

The frames are ranging from .20 cents for cardstock folders to 15.00 for more elaborate designs.  Customized and imprinted items are a bit more for the promotional and collectible value.

I have a very nice catalog that I will send to anyone who requests it.  There is also a catalog on-line, to review and then contact me for pricing, etc. 

Thank you for this opportunity to share my company information.

Patty Sachs, Owner
2300 Twelve Oaks Drive K-13
Orange Park, FL 32065
Tel: 904-272-0959
Fax: 801-217-1573

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