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National Mail Order Association (NMOA)

John Schulte,President & Chairman

National Mail Order Association (NMOA) provides information, education and business contacts for those involved in, or wanting to be involved in, some method or form of direct marketing. Catalogs, Internet, Infomercials, Mail Order Advertising, Direct Mail, etc. We sell related information and research.

In general, we help 3 main types of businesses.

  1. Companies that sell a product or service to the end user. We help them become better marketers and through membership we add consumer confidence to their company.

  2. Companies that provide a service to these marketers. e.g. List brokers, call centers, fulfillment houses, etc. We provide a connecting point for finding new business.

  3. Product Manufacturers. We help the manufacturer find new resellers for their product(s).

The NMOA was founded in 1972. Today the NMOA is found mostly through search engines when someone does a search using mail order and direct marketing related terms.

The USPS also refers people to us as well as SBA offices. We are also interviewed by business magazines and newspapers on the subject.

We also conduct the "Made in America-Hot Product Contest," Which a lot of publications write about.

You can learn about membership, publications, and research at our web site: http://www.nmoa.org or, you can visit our bookstore: http://www.nmoa.org/catalog/index.htm

John Schulte
President & Chairman
National Mail Order Association (NMOA)
2807 Polk Street NE
Minneapolis, MN 55418


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