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Antiquing Online

Elaine Kula, President

I am Elaine Kula, President of Antiquing On Line.  We sell jewelry to compliment your style, emotions, fantasies, and best of all to please your senses.

The benefits you get from our products is being able to purchase a quality piece of jewelry that will definitely give you that dang "feel good" feeling! Use of our products is addictive, caution is advised. Beautiful jewelry always brings out the best in a woman and her wardrobe.

Quality and service are our prime concern, without it we are nothing. We offer a 100% "satisfaction guaranteed" money back policy.

I started this business because of my love for beautiful things and having too much of a good thing!  We have been in business online for the past 7 years and offline for approximately 20 years.

We use search engines, customer referrals and an opt-in mailing list to promote the business.

It's easy to use Antiquing On Line.  Simply go to the web site, http://www.antiquingonline.com/ If you see something you like, then buy it! If what you're looking for isn't in the catalogue, drop a note and we will do our best to find it for you. Sign up for our mailing list to be sure to be notified of updates to the site.

Elaine Kula

P.S.  Did you wear jewelry today?
Was it gorgeous?
It could have been ...

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