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Blockbuster, Inc.

Frances Kwan, Senior Merchandise Planning Manager

I am Frances Kwan, Senior Merchandise Planning Manager of Blockbuster, Inc. We are an entertainment retailer selling DVDs, VHS, Game Software, Game Hardware, Game Accessories, Consumer Electronics, Confection, Licensed Merchandise, General Accessories

Whey are we are better than the competition?  Convenient, Broad Assortment, Hours of Business.

Blockbuster began in 1985 as a rental video business - providing affordability to the consumer. I came to work with the company a year ago after 10 years of experience in traditional retailing/wholesale environment (Levi Strauss & Co., Clorox, Williams-Sonoma, Bluelight.com, JCPenney).

We market our products through subscription membership, mailers and radio/TV advertising.

We have over 4400 domestic and 8.000 locations worldwide or log onto Blockbuster.com where you can subscribe.

Frances Kwan

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