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Harmonic Environments, Inc.

Steven Wander, President

Harmonic Environments, Inc. offers Custom Indoor Waterfalls which yield beautiful sound and visual effect. Our quality, design, product testing, and experience makes us better than the competition.

I loved this medium and wanted to help others to bring this soothing quality to their environments. We have been in business since 1987 and we market our business through referrals, website, and advertising.

Products are custom made and priced on an individual basis, based upon design, size, and materials.

Prices are on an individual basis, depending upon size, design, and materials, starting about $15,000 including installation for a stainless steel waterfall.

Example: Condell: http://www.harmonicenvironments.com/portfolio.htm

They can be $20,000 to $100,000 (or more) for products in our Translucence Series, which are designed to divide spaces, with water visible from two sides.

Example: http://www.harmonicenvironments.com/portfolio.htm
Click on first box on left in the third row - Blanchard

All are customized to the setting.....

Please visit website for information at: www.harmonicenvironments.com

Steven Wander, President
Harmonic Environments
the premier maker of indoor waterfalls
26 Simara Street Stuart, FL 34996 USA
772. 223.9011 p 772.463.6422 f

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