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Luca Meyer

Luca Meyer, Consumer Research Advisor

I am Luca Meyer, consumer research advisor. I offer consumer and market research advice and full-service packages to companies that are keen to bring their own business more dependence upon the new technologies and Internet.

You may get to know your target market better, your (potential) clients, your competitors, surrogate products, etc... especially if you operate in the e-business arena

Because of a very limited cost structure and the willingness to expand my customer basis beyond national boudaries I can sell my services at lower prices than traditional market research institute, while maintaining higher quality standard. I am also quite flexible as I tend to adapt consumer and market research techniques to my customer needs and not the other way around...

I have been specializing in the marketing research field in 1992 and started to work in the field in 1994 upon completion of my business and marketing studies. I always thought that markets would be more efficient if we worked to improve communications and exchanges between consumers, intermediaries and producers. That's why I decided to jump into consumer and market research. To differentiate my services from those of my competitors, I decided to focus on the consumer and market research through Internet (since 1999).

I promote my business mostly word of mouth, but I try to publish to inform potential customers of online market research techniques and opportunities.

You may write me on lucameyer@tiscali.it or call/fax +393355217628 to discuss your specific information/knowledge needs.

Mr. Luca Meyer
Consumer research advisor
via Monginevro 70 - 10050 Salbertrand (To) - Italy
Tel/Fax. +


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