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Who Are You?

E-Tailer's Digest has members in 60 countries worldwide, with many of them leading gurus in specialized areas.  Often they will write special reports .   Yet we know very little about each other, and often member's talents are needed by others.  What resources do we have available?  

We would like to know more about our members, which we will post at our "Members: Who Are You?" section.  We need to verify your e-address to be sure you are a member.

1.  What is your organizations name?

2.  What is your name and business title?

3.  What products/services do you sell?

4.  What is the benefit of using your  products or service?, i.e., what can I hope to accomplish if I use it?

5.  Why are you better than the competition?

6.  Why did you start this business or service?

7.  How long has the service been in existence?


9.  How do you market the service?  Word of mouth?  Newsletter (subscribers)?  Affiliates?  Ads?

10.  What does it cost?


11.  How do I sign up/buy?

Tell us who you are and where you are located:

State/Province: Zip/Postal:

It takes about 20 seconds for your message to be generated,
so please be patient and only click the button once

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